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Climate Stewards logo Climate Stewards helps you to offset unavoidable carbon emissions by supporting community forestry and cookstove projects in Ghana, Kenya and Mexico


Bristol Green Doors

We were introduced to this organisation by one of our users who takes part in the open houses scheme.


The Energy Saving Trust

The go-to place for independent energy saving advice


Kingsley Eco solutions

Good friends of ours who helped with the development of SmartPV. They are based in Ferring just the other side of Worthing from us. 


Kes lighting guide to Eco friendly home lighting.

Thanks to Andrea for finding this and the carbon footprint calculator

Carbon Footprint logo Carbon foot print calculator
Kids Guide Kids guide to being more energy efficient, Thanks Mary and Tina!

Eco home guide

The guide offers lots of helpful information such as:
  • How humans are impacting climate change and how increasing populations, strained natural resources, carbon emissions, and deforestation are all contributing to global warming.
  • The many health and economic benefits of becoming environmentally friendly, reducing our carbon footprint, and having an energy efficient home, including interesting facts and figures about going green.
  • Tips and advice on how to assess energy efficiency (including heating and insulation) throughout your home, as well as other eco-friendly practices.
  • Making the most of government schemes and incentives as well as plenty of other useful tips and resources for going green.